CBD Joints For A Convenient, Anytime Smoke

Our CBD joints contain our same premium hemp flower, conveniently rolled for a smoke you can enjoy anywhere.

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Sour Pineapple Prerolls (Daytime)
Exotic smokable CBD joints. Sour Pineapple Prerolls are conveniently packed into 5 king size cones that boast a unique terpinolene-dominant terpene profile for energizing, non-intoxicating effects.
Pre-rolled and bursting with sour citrus to get your day started.
Lifter Prerolls (Anytime)
Sweet, funky, and non-intoxicating, our Lifter CBD joints can be used anytime of day for an uplifted calm.
Convenient, uplifting, & calming with notes of sweet-berry funk.
Fruit Loops Prerolls (Nighttime)
A convenient and non-intoxicating smokable CBD option to Diesel strains of marijuana. Our Fruit Loops CBD joints are derived from Diesel lineage and are perfect for winding down a long day.
A ready-to-smoke option with relaxing notes of berry and fuel. 

Our Difference

To make the best CBD joints, we take our time to select superior genetics with unique aromas and flavors. Our organic cultivation methods promote the best of what the plants before they are slowly cured, ground, and hand-rolled for your convenience.

 High CBD and a natural microdose of THC deliver the same benefits without the high

Made from freshly ground & organically-grown Massachusetts hemp

Contains only flower, no filler for a smooth and pure smoke

An Authentic Smoke Without the High

Hemp naturally produces high levels of CBD and a microdose of THC. With our CBD joints, you can enjoy all the flavors, aromas, and benefits of Cannabis without unpredictable intoxication. 

We organically sun grow our Sour Pineapple CBD Hemp flower for a pure and smooth smoke.

Organically Sun-Grown in the Hills of Massachusetts

All the hemp flower in our CBD joints is cultivated using organic methods that utilize compost, cover crops, and botanical extracts. We hand-harvest and slowly cure the buds for a smooth and flavorful experience. Go to our Hemp.

All Flower, No Filler

Convenient doesn’t have to mean low quality. We make our hemp prerolls using 100% flower that’s sieved of excess stems and leaves.

Prerolls are a easy and convenient marijuana alternative that delivers quick non-intoxicating effects

Artisan Rolled CBD Joints Freshly Packed in Small Batches

Machine-rolled CBD joints often burn unevenly due to inconsistent grinding and packing. We carefully grind our hemp flower down to a uniform grade and hand-pack each cone in small batches to ensure a hassle-free smoke.

A Convenient Supply of 5 King Size CBD Joints

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our 5-pack of CBD joints ensure that you’ll have a sufficient supply wherever life may take you.

Unique Strains, Unique Experiences

Find the plant that works for you while enjoying a painter’s pallet of flavors and varieties. We work with elite breeders to source the best of what the cannabis genepool has to offer. From time tested classics and emerging exotics, our menu has something for everyone.

Sour Pineapple

Sour Tsuanami x Pineapple Tsu – Infinite Tree

A terpinolene-dominant profile delivers bursts of cerebral energy great for socializing and gaining a creative edge.

Sour Pineapple CBD Hemp Flower is a cross of the legendary Sour Tsunami strain and citrus bursting Pineapple Tsu.
Lifter CBD Hemp Flower is a funky sativa-dominant cross between Early Resin Berry and Suver Haze.


Suver Haze #8 x Early Resin Berry – Oregon CBD

An uplifting sativa dominant hybrid presenting acrid notes of berry and fruity funk.

Fruit Loops

Cherry Abacus x Abacus Diesel – Colorado CBD

Purple flares coat dense resinous buds in this indica-dominant hybrid.

A cross between Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel, Fruit Loops CBD Hemp Flower produces purple buds and a diesel terpene profile.