A True-to-the-Plant Massachusetts Hemp Company Since 2019

Two brothers from Massachusetts crafting hemp products that are as close to the plant as possible.

Our Farm

Settled in the town of Chesterfield, Massachusetts is our two-acre farm where we grow our certified Massachusetts hemp. Cultivation is the cornerstone of our company and also the first step that lays the foundation to any cannabis product.

For us, the use of compost, cover crops and minimal tilling practices form the basis to cultivating some of Massachusetts’s finest CBD and cannabis medicine.

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to promote, preserve, and deliver hemp’s natural chemistry.


We strive to keep the Cannabis industry rooted in the plant.

Our Values

  1. The cannabis plant is the foundation of any cannabis product.
  2. Its natural chemistry creates the most therapeutic experience.
  3. Quality is determined by how well this chemistry is preserved.

True-to-the-Plant Difference

Most microdose THC products lack essential plant components that make Cannabis beneficial and, as a result, produce little to no effect.

For the best experience, we keep our products as close to the plant as possible by using craft methods, minimal processing, and avoiding isolates, distillates, and additives. 

Meet the Owners

Michael Lupario

Having benefited from the therapeutic benefits at a young age Michael created Western MA Hemp so that a greater audience could experience the healing capacity of cannabis. 

Brian Lupario

It doesn’t matter what aspect of the company you discuss, Brian brings a level of tenacity that is always pushing us to become the best representation of ourselves.

Contact Us

Need help? Reach out! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call any day of the week.