Massachusetts CBD Oil Products

Our Massachusetts CBD oil delivers superior benefits by naturally capturing the most medicinal compounds and preserving the unique chemistry of our organically grown hemp.

Best Selling Massachusetts CBD Oil Products

Full Spectrum CBD Cream

Western MA Hemp 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Cream for pain, inflammation, and joints.

Lifter CBD Oil Drops

Western MA Hemp 1500mg Lifter CBD Oil made with Massachusetts CBD oil.

Bubba Kush CBD Capsules

Western MA Hemp 1500mg Bubba Kush Vegan CBD Capsules made with Massachusetts CBD oil.

Medicinal Without the High

We organically grow hemp with naturally high CBD:THC ratios that are perfect for wellness without intoxication.

Strain Specific Experiences

We select hemp strains that deliver unique experiences so there’s a product for any occasion


Every product is handcrafted with a True-to-the-Plant Approach for authentic experiences

Massachusetts CBD Oil Products By Function

Shop Daytime Products

Daytime Massachusetts CBD oil products provide cerebral experiences to kick-start your day.

Shop Anytime Products

Whenever you need relief, our Anytime Massachusetts CBD oil products are here to help.

Shop Nighttime Products

End your day with Nighttime Massachusetts CBD oil products for a relaxing Cannabis experience

True-to-the-Plant Difference

Most CBD products lack essential plant components that make Cannabis beneficial and, as a result, produce little to no effect.

For the best experience, we keep our Massachusetts CBD oil products as close to the plant as possible by using craft methods, minimal processing, and avoiding isolates, distillates, and additives. 

What Our Customers Say

Elaine M. | Peabody, MA“I use their Full Spectrum CBD Topical on my back daily. Great product!”

Tyler B. | Southampton, MA“I take the capsules every day and use the topical on my joints.”

Jackie L. | Easthampton, MA

“I use their topical and tincture and have found great relief from both.”

Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body. CB1 receptors are found in both the central nervous system and certain peripheral tissues while CB2 receptors are mainly found in peripheral tissues.

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is the synergy between CBD and the other compounds found in hemp. That’s why products that contain a wide array of compounds have been shown to be more effective than ones with just CBD.

Types of Massachusetts CBD Oil Products


Fresh from our Massachusetts farm, our exotic hemp flower is high in cannabinoids and terpenes and is the foundation of our Massachusetts CBD oil products.

Use hemp flower to microdose THC if you're looking for an authentic, fast-acting experience.
Prerolls make microdosing THC easier and more convenient than flower while still delivering quick effects.


Our same great hemp flower prerolled in organic, unbleached hemp papers for your convenience


A full spectrum CBD cream crafted with our unrefined cold CO2 hemp flower extract and analgesic herbs for localized relief

CBD cream and other CBD topicals offer fast-acting, localized benefits.
Faster-acting than edibles, CBD sublingual drops provide systemic effects for whole body benefits.

Sublingual Oil Drops

A simple infusion of our cold CO2 extract and golden hemp seed oil for fast acting, whole body benefits.


Vegan capsules precisely filled with our full spectrum CBD oil to  deliver slow release long lasting, whole body effects.

Vegan CBD Capsules fill with our Massachusetts CBD oil.