Nighttime CBD For Sleep

Our night time CBD for sleep is made from relaxing varieties of hemp that naturally deliver effects perfect for ending a long day.

Infused Products

Bubba Kush CBD Oil Drops

Our Bubba Kush CBD Oil captures the strain's famous effects. Best for those using CBD for sleep or relaxation.

Bubba Kush CBD Capsules

Our Bubba Kush CBD Capsules are convenient and perfect for those using CBD for sleep.

Smokeable Products

Fruit Loops Flower

When you're using CBD for sleep or relaxation, our Fruit Loops CBD Hemp Flower provides an authentic smoke for winding down the day.

Fruit Loops Prerolls

Fruit Loops CBD Cones are smooth and flavorful with night time effects for when you're CBD for sleep and relaxation.

Our Difference

High CBD and a natural microdose of THC deliver the same benefits without the high

Organically grown Massachusetts hemp and strain specific CO2 extracts deliver unique experiences

Crafted with a True-to-the-Plant Approach for an Authentic Experience

Nighttime CBD For Sleep

Our nighttime products utilize relaxing hemp strains to provide the perfect experience when you’re using CBD for sleep or relaxation. These products deliver all the benefits of Cannabis without the overbearing high.

True-to-the-Plant Nighttime CBD For Sleep

Our nighttime products give you the best of what our hemp has to offer. We organically grow unique strains and gently extract their flowers with CO2 to preserve their distinct flavors, aroma, and effects. Hemp seed carrier oil then returns essential fats and aminos for a complete spectrum of hemp compounds with every dose.

Crafted With Strain Specific Extracts For Targeted Effects

Formulated for night time use, these products are made from our Bubba Kush and Fruit Loops strain CO2 extracts that preserve the distinguishing flavors, aromas, and effects of these relaxing hemp varieties.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush x Kush HempZoe Therapeutics

Bred from the Cannabis strain known for its relaxing effects and Kushy terpene profile, Bubba Kush is perfect for nighttime use or when you want to wind down.

Our Bubba Kush CBD Capsules are made from the low THC version of the popular cannabis strain. It boasts similar relaxing effects without the intoxication.
A cross between Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel, Fruit Loops CBD Hemp Flower produces purple buds and a diesel terpene profile.

Fruit Loops

Cherry Abacus x Abacus DieselColorado CBD

Purple flares coat dense resinous buds in this indica-dominant hybrid.