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Our Daytime CBD for energy products are crafted for times when you need to be clear-minded and alert. Every product is non-intoxicating and made with hemp strains known for their uplifting and cerebral effects.

Infused Products

Sour Space Candy Oil Drops

Sour Space Candy CBD Oil delivers cerebral effects that are perfect if you use CBD for energy, focus, and concentration.

Sour Space Candy CBD Capsules

Our Sour Space Candy Capsules offer a stimulating dose of CBD for energy, focus, and concentration.

Smokeable Products

Sour Pineapple Flower

Sour Pineapple CBD Flower is bursting with citrusy aromas and delivers uplifting effects that are great for those who use CBD for energy.

Sour Pineapple Prerolls

Sour Pineapple Prerolls is a convenient option when using daytime CBD for energy.

Our Difference

High CBD and a natural microdose of THC deliver the same benefits without the high

Organically grown Massachusetts hemp and strain specific CO2 extracts deliver unique experiences

Crafted with a True-to-the-Plant Approach for an Authentic Experience

Daytime CBD For Energy

Our Daytime CBD products utilize uplifting hemp strains to provide the perfect experience when you’re using CBD for energy and need to stay clear-minded and alert. These products deliver all the benefits of Cannabis without the overbearing high.

True-to-the-Plant Daytime CBD For Energy

Our Daytime CBD Products give you the best of what our hemp has to offer. We organically grow unique strains and gently extract their flowers with CO2 to preserve their distinct flavors, aroma, and effects. Hemp seed carrier oil then returns essential fats and aminos for a complete spectrum of hemp compounds with every dose.

Crafted With Strain Specific Extracts For Targeted Effects

Great for starting the day, these products are made from our Sour Pineapple and Sour Space Candy strain CO2 extracts that preserve the distinguishing flavors, aromas, and effects of these stimulating hemp varieties.

Sour Pineapple

Sour Tsuanami x Pineapple Tsu – Infinite Tree

A terpinolene-dominant profile delivers bursts of cerebral energy great for socializing and gaining a creative edge.

Sour Pineapple CBD Hemp Flower is a cross of the legendary Sour Tsunami strain and citrus bursting Pineapple Tsu.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Tsunami x Early Resin Berry – Oregon CBD

Descending from the famous Sour Tsunami CBD strain, Sour Space Candy delivers a cerebral experience with bursts of sour citrus terpenes.

Our Sour Space Candy CBD Oil preserves the stimulating chemistry of the Sour Space Candy hemp strain.