Sour Space Candy CBD Products

Through organic cultivation and craft extraction, our Sour Space Candy CBD products harness the invigorating aroma, tangy flavor, and stimulating effects of the strain.

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Sour Space Candy CBD Oil Drops

Sour Space Candy CBD Oil Drops capture the invigorating flavors and aromas as well as the cerebral effects of the strain.

Sour Space Candy CBD Capsules

Our Sour Space Candy CBD Capsules offer an accurate dose of the strain's cerebral effects.

Our Difference

High CBD and a natural microdose of THC deliver the same benefits without the high

Organically grown Massachusetts hemp and strain specific CO2 extracts deliver unique experiences

Crafted with a True-to-the-Plant Approach for an Authentic Experience

Overview of Sour Space Candy CBD

Sour Tsunami x Early Resin Berry – Oregon CBD

Descending from the famous Sour Tsunami CBD strain, Sour Space Candy is known for its unique terpene profile and uplifting effects. It’s a favorite among daytime consumers looking to use CBD products without experiencing the drowsiness associated with other hemp strains.

Our Sour Space Candy CBD Oil preserves the stimulating chemistry of the Sour Space Candy hemp strain.

Our True-to-the-Plant Process

Our products give you the best of what our hemp has to offer. We organically grow unique strains and gently extract the hemp flowers with CO2 to preserve their distinct flavors, aroma, and effects. Hemp seed carrier oil then returns essential fats and aminos for a complete spectrum of hemp compounds with every dose.

Unique Terpene Profile

Sour Space Candy boasts a unique terpene profile that’s highlighted by the high levels of terpinolene. This terpene helps give the strain its distinct citrusy aromas as well as its uplifting and energizing effects.

Types of Products

Faster-acting than edibles, CBD sublingual drops provide systemic effects for whole body benefits.

CBD Oil Drops

A simple infusion of our cold CO2 extract and golden hemp seed oil for fast acting, whole body benefits.

CBD Capsules

Vegan CBD capsules precisely filled with our full spectrum CBD oil to deliver slow release long lasting, whole body effects.

Vegan CBD Capsules fill with our Massachusetts CBD oil.

More Information

For more information on hemp and CBD, take a look at our CBD Guide. It covers essential topics and has answers to customer’s most frequently asked questions.