Lifter CBD Capsules

Destress any time of day with our convenient and accurate vegan Lifter CBD Capsules.

Strain Specific: made from our organically grown Lifter cultivar for a unique experience

3 Plant-based Ingredients: CO2 hemp extract, golden hemp seed oil that contains essential fatty acids and aminos, and vegan capsules

Absorbed through the digestive system for slow release and long lasting effects

Convenient, precise, and tasteless: 

Full Spectrum: 25mg CBD + 1mg THC + naturally occurring minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids per capsule

Dominant Terpenes: Caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene

Effects: Uplifting, calming

An Uplifting and Convenient True-to-the-Plant Experience

Our Lifter CBD Capsules capture the uplifting experience of our organically grown Lifter hemp flower in convenient and precisely-dosed vegan capsules. We extract the cannabinoid and terpene rich flowers using cold CO2 which preserves sensitive hemp compounds while leaving unwanted material behind. Since the initial extract is so pure, we leave it unrefined and infuse directly into golden hemp seed oil. The final infusion is put into easy-to-swallow vegan capsules for slow release and long lasting effects that are true to the Lifter strain.


Lifter is a heavy producer of flower and cannabinoids. We organically sun-grow it in Chesterfield, Massachusetts to get the most of what the strain has to offer.


Cold CO2 captures the unique chemistry of the Lifter hemp flower while leaving unwanted compounds behind. The extract is left unrefined to retain sensitive compounds and stay free of toxic chemicals.


Golden hemp seed carrier oil maximizes entourage effects by returning essential fatty acids and aminos to the extract while vegan capsules offer a precisely measured dose for a convenient, tasteless experience.

Breakdown of Lifter CBD Capsules

The Strain

Lifter (Suver Haze #8 x Early Resin Berry) by Oregon CBD

Lifter is an uplifting yet relaxing sativa-dominant hybrid that features a sweet and funky terpene profile. Its balanced effects make it a great all day strain.

The Hemp

We sun-grow all the hemp used to make our products on our farm in Chesterfield, MA. Elite genetics set the foundation of quality while organic cultivation safely brings them to their fullest potential. To preserve the plants’ delicate resin, we hand-harvest and slowly dry and cure them in a climate controlled environment.

The Extract: This isn’t your average distillate or isolate. Our Lifter extract naturally contains over 10 different cannabinoids, 25 strain specific terpenes, and many other plant compounds.

To preserve the unique chemistry of each strain, we extract our hemp flower in strain specific batches using cold CO2. The low temperatures and pressure produce a pure oil without the need of refinement or toxic chemicals.

The Carrier Oil

We use golden hemp seed carrier oil to keep our products as close to the plant as possible. Hemp seed oil returns essential plant compounds to our extract and contains the perfect ratio of Omegas and all 9 essential aminos acids.

The Delivery System

Vegan capsules deliver convenient, accurate, and tasteless doses of our Lifter CBD extract. Much like edibles, capsules produce slow-release, long-lasting effects.